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Zoe speculation

Since Pete has shifted the action back to 4U City I wanted to post this before the storyline renders speculation on the topic moot. What I'm offering is only speculation, but I will put it behind a cut lest anyone worry that the surprise may be ruined. The thinking involves the resolution of what happens to Zoe as the 4U City storyline plays out.

I think Zoe is not suffering from burns and injuries suffered in Oasis's attack. I think the actual root of the problem is that she has been separated from the cursed necklace and that what she's suffering has to do with the curse and will go away once the necklace is back on her. It's either that, or the injuries are the result of the explosion, but once again, I think the necklace will somehow be a cure for the problem and she will have to put it back on, or Torg or Riff will put it back on her, in order to solve the present problem of her debilitating pain. In either case, Gwen's observations about curses, that they never let go, is proved out, but she's wrong about the significance of the fact that Zoe has been separated from the necklace; she's not dead, merely suffering. This looks like the slickest way to resolve the problem of Zoe's condition. It also seems like the kind of plotting Pete tends to favor. The set up, foreshadowing, and clues for this eventuality were planted months ago. If I'm wrong, I haven't really seen any other intriguing hints about how the author intends to get Zoe out of her predicament.
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