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Anyone else think Torg rocks hard in today's comic?
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He is being a bit more macho than normal, but I suppose this is new superhero Torg that he doesn't like showing off to his friends.

It does make me wonder where Aylee is though. Shouldn't they have appeared at the same place?
That, I believe, would be tomorrow's comic.

As for superhero Torg, it's not a side of himself that he's never particularly liked, particularly after his time in the DoL, so he only uses it when he really needs it.
It's nice to be badass enough to be merely ANNOYED when you're teleported to a dimension solely populated by sleepless creatures that crave your flesh, though.
Yeah, Torg's a stealth badass. He's got it in him, but he just prefers to be silly and goofy if at all possible.

And consider the situations he's found himself in since, oh, let's say he got Bun-bun. Surrounded by shambling zombies doesn't even crack the top ten.
I don't think it's so much that he doesn't like it, as it is that the circumstances forcing him to become SuperTorg are always painful and/or unpleasant, so the association makes him unhappy.

That would mean... he doesn't like it. So I don't get your point.
I'm having a hard time explaining, clearly.

The way I see it: Torg is competent, smart, savvy, and often the saviour when he's SuperTorg. Things he'd probably like being just fine under other circumstances.

Like if he ended up in the Sexy Portugese Dimension, maybe he'd be just fine there as SuperTorg except for the fact that he doesn't speak Portugese.

I don't even think it's the pain of the associated circumstances, it's just his goofy personality. I think he's similar to Walky, in that he doesn't want to be responsible (difference being he's mature enough to step up when the situation warrants it without fighting it).
Torg's been continually more awesome ever since Dangerous Days.